Thursday, 27 February 2014

Get it..... Top of the Pops 22nd February 1979!

Here is the edition of Top of the Pops that won't be shown tonight on BBC4 due to the continuing case of DLT....

Top of the Pops 22nd February 1979

Many thanks once again to Darnall 42 for giving us all the choice of viewing this :-)

22-2-79: Presenter: Dave Lee Travis

(14) JUDAS PRIEST – Take On The World (and charts)
(18) THE REAL THING – Can You Feel The Force
(11) ROD STEWART – Ain’t Love A Bitch (video)
(2) THE BEE GEES – Tragedy (danced to by Legs & Co)
(12) GENE CHANDLER – Get Down (footage from Soul Train 20-1-79)
(13) THE MEMBERS – The Sound Of The Suburbs
(25) DARTS – Get It ®
(22) NAZARETH – May The Sun Shine ®
(1) BLONDIE – Heart Of Glass (video)
(15) MEAT LOAF – Bat Out Of Hell (and credits)

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  1. Wrong track listing Angelo, you've listed the tracks from 22nd March.

    1. lol ~ you beat me to it! Just about to sneakily change it before anyone noticed! :-)

  2. Boo, he's given the plot away! Bring back Chris - joking!!! ;-D

    1. Was in way too much of a rush this morning :-)
      Mind you, that 22nd March show looks amazing - I'll be gutted if we don't get to see that one.

    2. I don't think he's even back in court until 28th March is he? So sadly we probably won't see it.

  3. Not impressed with the legs and Coi routine - last minute replacement?
    I presume that they had stoped forcing bands to re-record their tracks by now, as the Members track sounded exactly like the single.
    Meat Loaf 35 years ago - Crikey!

  4. This was a bit of a dull show really - the songs we hadn't already seen (only 1 or 2 I think?) I wasn't particularly interested in.

    So I wasn't that bothered about missing this one!

  5. A nice, quick show to watch due to all the fast-forward re-runs. Interesting (to me, anyway) that Gene Chandler’s hit includes the words “play your cards right” as the instrumental bit before The Real Thing started singing reminded me of that Brucie-driven show’s theme tune. Good game!

    Talking of games, remember when we used to try and guess what type of hat Chris was wearing? Ah, heady days! I take it “Can You Feel The Force” was a catchy jump on the “Star Wars” bandwagon?

    I actually enjoyed the Legs & Co routine. Very clever and intricate. That must have been pretty difficult to choreograph. Loved the versatility of all those chair moves.

    Nicky Tesco wins the award thus far in the re-run for anti-miming. Too many sweets before he took to the stage, I reckon.

    I wonder if DLT’s “double top” intro to Darts was a sneaky reference to Rita? Nah, probably my imagination.

  6. Some other stuff I forgot to mention...

    Surely the slowest chart rundown yet. The first time we've got to the second chorus of a rundown song?

    Why didn't they have one of Maggie Stredder's singers on stage with The Members doing the "Staines, this is Staines" vocal interlude?

    Darts guitarist George Currie wins the award for pop star looking at himself in the monitor the longest.

  7. Ooh, a double bill this weekend!

    Agree that there wasn't much new stuff to see on this one, but a good start with a complete change of direction for the Real Thing (which paid off) and then Sound Of The Suburbs in its entirety complete with Angela Peberdy (I wonder if she received a payment for this?). She can be seen here:
    but makes no mention of her (very) brief stint as a pop star!

  8. Shame that Meat Loaf only featured on the end credits and not as part of the main show. It's a 9-minute video for Bat Out Of Hell, but his antics may have been too much for early evening viewing in those days, and hence we only got a still on the end credits with no moving images of him.

    Love the hot pants on Rita in Darts.

    Final week at No.1 for Blondie, but we'll never forget that awesome video, with one of the prettiest faces ever seen on TOTP. In those days with no VCRs and no music shows to rival TOTP, you could only see her again on the same show, hoping that she would remain at No.1.