Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Top of the Pops 19th April is Coming Home Again

Just turned up online (from Chris Retro??) here's most of the DTL hosted 19th April 1979 edition of Top of the Pops that was skipped by BBC4....

19-4-79: Presenter: Dave Lee Travis

  (24) AMII STEWART – Knock On Wood (and charts)
(NEW) GORDON GILTRAP – Fear Of The Dark...
(5) MILK & HONEY – Hallelujah ®
(13) M – Pop Muzik ®
(NEW) DUSTY SPRINGFIELD – I’m Coming Home Again
(19) WINGS – Goodnight Tonight (video)
(4) THE JACKSONS – Shake Your Body (Down To The Ground) (danced to by Legs & Co)
(27) GONZALEZ – I Haven’t Stopped Dancing Yet ®
(NEW) CHILD – Only You
(10) THE THREE DEGREES – The Runner ®
(1) ART GARFUNKEL – Bright Eyes (video)
(25) SIOUXSIE & THE BANSHEES – The Staircase (Mystery) (and credits)


  1. But two songs were cut out of this, i.e., Milk & Honey at No.5, and the No.1 Bright Eyes, with poor old Art Garfunkel getting another chop. Well, it's better than nothing, and at least we got the full video from Wings --Goodnight tonight--

    Thanks for this find Angelo.

  2. Technically, there were four songs missing, as there was also no Amii Stewart rundown or Siouxsie and the Banshees outro. Nice that we were able to see it so thanks, but I thought this was a terrible episode, and I would have done back then. What with skipping most of the repeats and fast forwarding some of the crud, I ‘watched’ this in little over ten minutes.

    No wonder none of the new releases made the mugshot. I couldn’t remember any of Gordon Giltrap’s background muzak effort as soon as it finished (what a disappointment after “Heartsong”), Dusty’s single was slow, sombre, soul sapping and sleep inducing, and Child were just shite. Ringo Starr’s top 30 version of this song wiped the floor with that lot.

    Talking of ex-Beatles, Paul McCartney always reminds me facially of Michael Aspel. You never see them together in the same room, do you?

  3. Worth it for the somewhat bizarre Wings video and a (some might say deservedly) forgotten single from Child.

    Also worth it to see Gordon Giltrap and the wonderful Dusty, although both quite unmemorable in musical terms. I did think that the former had a good 'late '70s/early '80s' vibe though. And in the case of the latter it was good to see the orchestra back in business - they don't seem to have had much work lately.

    And was it ever confirmed that the "listen to the countdown" line in Pop Muzik really was a reference to the Capital Countdown with Peter Young on Saturday mornings?

    1. Yes, it was good to say that they played three and a half minutes of the video of Wings, you could say the whole video just before fadeout, and good on TOTP for doing so all the way back in 1979.

  4. DLT way ahead of the curve with his "acieeed" badge. Don't worry Dave, they'll all be wearing them in 9 years time!