Thursday, 10 July 2014

Top of the Pops 1979 ~ Bang Bang!

We're almost a month ahead now as we reach the 2nd August 1979, and despite a few repeats due to skipping a week there's still plenty of great new songs for Peter Powell to introduce......

Bringing something a bit special to the show tonight

2-8-79: Presenter: Peter Powell

(3) THE DOOLEYS – Wanted (and charts)
(23) SHAM 69 – Hersham Boys
(37) OLYMPIC RUNNERS – The Bitch
(13) THE KORGIS – If I Had You
(5) ABBA – Voulez-Vous (video)
(44) B.A. ROBERTSON – Bang Bang
(4) DAVE EDMUNDS – Girls Talk (video)
(26) EARTH, WIND & FIRE – After The Love Has Gone (danced to by Legs & Co)
(10) SPARKS – Beat The Clock
(41) THE SPECIAL AKA – Gangsters
(22) DARTS – Duke Of Earl
(30) THE GIBSON BROTHERS – Ooh! What A Life
(1) THE BOOMTOWN RATS – I Don’t Like Mondays (video)
(11) PATRICK HERNANDEZ – Born To Be Alive (and credits)

The Dooleys ~ do the chart run down honours this week with Wanted at its number 3 peak.

Sham 69 ~ a typically rowdy performance here of what would become their biggest but also their final top ten hit.

Olympic Runners ~ here's a band we've seen on the show a number of times now during the past couple of years without them ever breaking into the top 30, and despite the presence of a 'bitch' on stage to help out this one fared no better.

The Korgis ~ a new performance here of 'the sound of summer' now at its peak in the chart. I can't stop singing this tune now.

Abba ~ the Voulez Vous video again on its way to number 3 in the charts.

BA Robertson ~ something of a hero of mine here ~ he wrote the theme tune to Swap Shop! Here is his Top of the Pops debut with the first of two top ten hits in 1979, indeed Bang Bang was to be (or not to be?) his biggest hit.

Dave Edmunds ~ ok what's the deal here BBC4 - does somebody not like this one or what? Edited out yet again from the 7.30 broadcast.

Earth Wind and Fire ~ get the Legs & Co routine this week inside a giant sand pit no less.

Sparks ~ back in the studio again for another performance of Beat the Clock ~ no attempt by Ron to sing along this time, but we do get lots and lots of rather nice clocks.

The Special AKA ~ I always thought they were called The Specials at this point, but anyhow this is a major debut, introducing a genre of music that would become a phenomenon over the next year or so. Gangsters was the first of two top ten hits for the band in 1979.

Darts ~ edited out of the 7.30 show, it looks like a new performance, catch it later tonight at 1.45am!

The Gibson Brothers ~ another debut here and very energetically performed too! Ooh What a Life was the first of two top ten hits for the boys from Martinique in 1979.

The Boomtown Rats ~ here they are at number one, now very much liking Thursdays, with a video that was a step up in sophistication from many we have been seeing so far.

Patrick Hernandez ~ brings the credits to life this week, just one place away from his peak of number 10.

So surely next week must be a Sky at Night break, and we've hit a problem really regarding August: the 9th is hosted by DLT, there was no show for the 16th due to a strike, and the 23rd is hosted by Jimmy Savile. That just leaves the 30th August, hosted by David Jensen, as the only remaining broadcastable show for August 1979. Christmas might come early this year!


  1. I'm not ready for August yet! BBC4, slow down please, cos it's still early July, and our summer has not yet arrived.

    Olympic Runners - I loved the backing singer in the pink dress coming forward for a cuddle with the lead singer - hardly a bitch according to the song title??

    The Korgis - the lead singer's teeth were either dentures or Milk of Ambrosia in his mouth after dinner. Anyhow it made me feel sick at the sight of him like this.

    Abba - already at No.5 before we can catch our breath? The video was similar to the one for Does Your mother Know from a couple of months back, so I assume they filmed the two videos at the same time, one after the other.

    Earth Wind & Fire - here's an interesting thought - EWF made no video for this song, but the performance of Legs & Co from the first image was like that of a pop video, and combined with the beach props and beach studio set, it was the perfect pop video for EWF. Lulu and Patti had the best colours on.
    I wouldn't have minded being a beach towel in that set. Coor!

    Darts & Showaddywaddy in the charts at the same time, but I notice they were never on the same show through their whole set of hits, as we could get a collision course and clash for supremacy. Was it a BBC intention or just too much coincidence?

  2. I had a memory of Peter Powell in a hammock, reassuring after this episode it wasn't just dreamt up in my imagination :-)
    Any idea what they showed in place of a regular totp in strike week? I have another juvenile memory of an old episode featuring Don't Cry For Me Argentina being shown around that time, so that may have been it.

    1. You could be right ~ strikes affected a couple more shows later in 1979 but they got round it that time by showing videos or repeat performances, and having voice over links like on TOTP2

    2. This show was repeated 2 weeks later on the strike week! Also, despite the name check, no sign of Pete Wingfield with the Olympic Runners this time!

    3. Thanks Jeff, my fuzzy peter Powell memory had 'strike' attached to it so that makes sense. As the liking for the totp producers to repeat wholesale performances from two weeks previously (all too apparent due to the gaps in the rerun) i guess the repeated show was probably close enough :-)

  3. First post. Love the blog, bit easier to follow than Chris,s. At the risk of being needy and annoying is it a complete hassle to put the link to the shows on anything other than iplayer?
    As someone who works in the Middle East, I fall flat when vimeo or youtube not involved (also, I'm very lazy).
    Then I can join in my 2 dirhams worth too.

    Thanks muchly :)

    1. Thanks and welcome Leetree ~ the shows shown on BBC4 don't end up online as far as I know ~ just the banned ones ~ there's a vimeo link to the 26th July edition (hosted by Jimmy Savile) on my previous post, Sweet Little 800th Top of the Pops.

    2. Cheers AG. Thats a shame, seems the only ones Im going to miss out on...are the official ones!

  4. BA Robertson also went on to write primarily for Mike and The Mechanics. 6 of his compositions appear on the "Beggar on a Beach of Gold" album

  5. Terry Britten, who was BA's producer/co-writer at the time of 'Bang Bang' (and provides the hiccoughing backing vocal in the chorus) didn't do too badly either - he went on to write for Michael Jackson, Diana Ross, Celine Dion, Crystal Gayle, Olivia Newton-John, Anita Baker and Status Quo among others. His most lucrative client, however, was Tina Turner, for whom he wrote a string of international hits including the Grammy-laden 'What's Love Got To Do With It?'

  6. Danny Baker is supposed to be in the audience for this one, and would be pleased to know I never spotted him because on the day he wasn't meant to be there and was keeping a low profile.

    Spot the Sham 69 fan, the little bloke up at the front singing his heart out. No, not Jimmy, the bloke in the audience. May be the first time I've ever seen a drummer play a drum with his cymbal. Weird that they were miming this one, a bit too complicated to reproduce live, maybe?

    After Bonnie Tyler a few weeks ago, Olympic Runners give us their rendition of a Jackie Collins movie theme. All a bit silly, especially if you've seen the film (Joan on a swing, anyone?!), but Ana Matronic likes it, she played it on her radio show a couple of months back. The band must have been amazed to see that royalty cheque.

    After the watery smile of Mr Korgi, BA Robertson, and it's never been adequately explained why he sang in a Cockney accent when he was Scottish. Liked his carefully worked out actions along with the lyrics.

    Dave Edmunds had added some actual girls talking to his video, but never mind that, funniest moment of this episode was Peter Powell's stunned reaction to Legs & Co, the fact he was serious was even more ludicrous. Personally I was hoping for a sandcastle.

    Sparks, presentation reminded me of the "Time... for a story" on Pipkins. Then the Specials, great stuff, still sounds vital and as said above, a harbinger of things to come.

    Darts, Rita all set to go swimming again, and who else was surprised at the unexpected third passenger in the coach during the filmed insert? I don't think there's even a cello on the track!

    The Gibson Brothers and their brave sartorial choices, great disco band though lead singer Gibson's throaty rasp can be a little hard on the ear.

    It'll be interesting to check the listings over the next week or two...

    1. There was a brief flourish of cello in the instrumental break of 'Duke of Earl' - played by Roy Wood, who also produced the record.

      With the successes of Patrick Hernandez and The Gibson Brothers, '79 was a vintage year for French pop in the pre-Daft Punk era. The brothers' producer and main songwriter, Daniel Vangarde, is actually the father of Daft Punk's Thomas Bangalter. 'Ooh What A Life' remains one of my all-time Top 10!

    2. You probably know this anyway, but The Gibson Brothers don't speak any English. I saw them many years ago at a cabaret in Majorca where the audience was invited to speak to them afterwards, so long as we did so in French!

      By the way, am I right in thinking B.A. Robertson called himself B.A. to avoid confusion with the ex-Thin Lizzy guitarist?

    3. You're spot on, Arthur - the initials in his name for Brian Alexander. When Thin Lizzy stormed the charts in '76, with a line-up that included the other Brian Robertson, the 'Bang Bang' singer changed his billing to Alexander Robertson and made one album under that name for Arista. On signing to Asylum Records in '79, he became B.A. Robertson.

      As I've previously mentioned, his Australian co-writer Terry Britten went on to compose and produce Tina Turner's comeback hit, 'What's Love Got To Do With It?' This earned him two prestigious Grammys, for Record of the Year and Song of the Year, and he has since penned songs for numerous other big name acts.

    4. P.S. Typo above: "the initials in his name STAND for Brian Alexander."

    5. Thanks for the info, Julie. As a result, I've discovered there was a single released in the USA as Brian Alexander Robertson which was produced by George Kajanus from Sailor, and a UK single as Alexander Robertson whose two producers also produced that classic, "Fanny" by Ronnie Corbett!

    6. Just checked Darts singing Duke of Earl on YouTube and right enough, there's one single note played on a cello. I must have been so shocked I didn't notice.

      As for The Gibson Brothers, one of my favourite disco records is one of theirs, Que Sera Mi Vida, a fantastic tune. I wonder if we'll get to hear it on these repeats?

    7. THX, we'll get the video for "Que Sera Mi Vida" in a show made up entirely of videos and repeat showings, and with out-of-vision voiceovers by Peter Powell, due to a strike at the BBC.

  7. The Gibson Brothers are one of those disco bands that can always get a dance floor going. Just take the intro for their songs Que Sera in 1979 and Cuba in 1980, and I still get an urge to dance to this in 2014. However, it seemed that they were only around for about a year from 1979 - 1980 with all their hits, but fantastic ones they were too.

    Ooh What A life in this week's chart was the beginning of their sequence of hits in the British charts, and I'm really looking forward to another 12 months of them on these BBC4 repeats. Welcome!

  8. Peter Powell seems even more exuberant than usual this time, but with some justification as this was another strong show, for the most part. While I'm no great fan of Sham 69, that was an entertainingly energetic performance of Hersham Boys, and Legs were back to their best, the beach setting particularly suiting Patti and Pauline's exotic looks. I can't believe Girls Talk once again got chopped from the early showing, though I guess it was an easy target given that it was almost the only video in the show. I enjoyed the new Darts performance, even though I have never been mad on Duke of Earl as a song - I wonder if the filmed insert was specially made for TOTP, or lifted from a video?

    The main event, however, was the debut of The Specials. This must have made a real impact at the time, and Gangsters still sounds fresh and exciting today, though Peter's description of it as "good time music" is rather jarring given the rather dark quality of the song, and Terry Hall's unsmiling demeanour!

    B.A. Robertson has had an interesting career - ubiquitous for a few years, and then largely vanishing without trace. I do find Bang Bang rather irritating, but I can't deny that it is a well-produced record. Dud of the week was the Olympic Runners' effort - given the number of times they managed to get on the show, I can only assume they were mates with Robin Nash, or had a manager who was! I was a bit startled at the number of times the word "bitch" was used in the lyrics - nowadays, I suspect the Beeb would be rather squeamish about featuring it. Finally, it was nice to see Sparks again, but there were too many flashing clocks seemingly designed to trigger epileptic fits, and not enough shots of Ron staring menacingly down the camera...

    1. Watching BBC 4's doc on banned records I'm surprised they allowed the Olympic Runners on, not for swearing but for giving the hard sell on the movie.

    2. True, though the Beeb is nothing if not inconsistent when it comes to such matters!

  9. And we finally get round to the one that I've had on VHS since about 1994 from when it was shown on UK Gold, though one thing still managed to be a surprise. More on that shortly....

    Sham 69 - This is my favourite song of theirs, and a great performance here. Jimmy Pursey doesn't look like he's had a haircut since his last appearance!

    Olympic Runners - And here's the bit that confused me. I could have sworn that Peter didn't back announce it on the UK Gold broadcast, and I've always assumed that it was because he wasn't allowed to say 'Bitch'. However, here he is telling us the name of the song. So either UK Gold edited it out (which would me a bit odd) or maybe that's where they took an ad break.
    As for the song, like all their others, it's nothing special.

    The Korgis - No surprise that the song went down the chart after the rather sickly close-ups on the not particularly attractive lead!!

    BA Robertson - I loved this at the time, and was very disappointed that it didn't make No.1. Now, I think I prefer his other singles 'Knocked It Off' and 'To Be Or Not To Be'.

    Dave Edmunds - When I saw the video the other week I was confused because I was convinced that there were clips of Dave wandering around. And here they are! Nice to know that I'm not going bonkers.

    EW&F - I always find their ballads very dull indeed.

    Sparks - Not as good as the first performance. A nice idea with the clocks but it didn't really work.

    Specials - Great song, and an energetic perfomance from all bar Terry Hall, which is what will happen forever more given his lack of interest in miming.

    Darts - I do remember the inserts with the coach. I presume they were recorded for the show and not from a video.

    Gibson Brothers - And here's where Danny Baker appears - when singing Gibson gets into gear for the second verse (I think) the camera to his right and our left does a wide shot to show the audience and there he is, about 3 rows back, dancing around a bit.
    Good tune by the way, I always liked their stuff.

    1. I don't think darts made any pop videos in the 70s, and the inserts with the coach must have been made specially for the TOTP appearance.

      I particularly liked the third passenger in the coach, i.e., the naked woman covering her body only with a cello. Wow, and I thought Rita was hot in her hot pants. It's all too much in this hot weather.

  10. host: as eager, energetic, enthusiastic, ebullient and effervescent as ever

    dooleys/charts: their singing really is rather shrill! i asked the guy i've just met who played with them in the post-chart wilderness years for some more info, but all i've gleaned so far is that by then only jim and one of the singing sisters were still involved, and that he hated their music but their live shows had "rock 'n' roll attitude"...(!)

    sham 69: don’t remember the cod-yee-ha bit at all, but definitely just as entertaining as the uk subs on the previously-aired show, even though i would never consider buying either of those records at any price for a nanosecond. did anyone else notice the older-looking smartly-dressed and coiffed lady standing somewhat nervously and incongruously right next to the stage?

    olympic runners: another so-so disco-funk workout from them, this time only half the band seemed to have bothered making the trip to the totp studio - producer/percussionist/backing singer mike vernon may have realised by this time that he looked a bit a bit of a prat in this context, whilst keyboard player pete wingfield had moved away to yorkshire where he began stalking prostitu... sorry, was possibly too busy working on the upcoming dexy's midnight runners album...

    the korgis: has anyone else noticed how similar this is to a lot of john lennon’s solo stuff? maybe this song inspired his fatal decision to come out of househusbandry retirement?

    ba robertson: why the long face? I was never sure if this guy was supposed to be some kind of novelty act or not. whatever his intent I can’t say I was impressed, then or now

    earth, wind & fire: everything about this track is immaculate - composition (modulation alert!), arrangement, production, etc... head honcho maurice white usually wrote in-house with permutations of his bandmates, but was never averse to collaborating with or using material written by others in his quest for perfection - even white guys, as evidenced here. i particularly recommend listening to the version on the "i am" album, as not only is it extended but also cleverly seques into the next track. perhaps flushed with success they featured a remarkably similar track on their next album "faces" (that unlike "i am" was a complete flop) called "you" - cynics might call it "after the love has gone pt ii" (or perhaps "after after the love has gone") but i think it just as good if not better. regarding legs' contribution: surely this tune begs a soft focus /floaty dress-style presentation - not prancing about in a sand pit where all that's missing are a knotted handkerchief and a "kiss-me-quick" hat?

  11. wot? another 2-parter?

    sparks - why does the director feel the need to bombard viewers with superimposed images of timepieces, instead of focusing on what everyone wants to see i.e. brother ron's unique "stagecraft"? an open goal missed there...

    specials - definitely a landmark appearance on totp with the band (other than terry “miserable git” hall) manically leaping about, even if musically it's a complete rip-off of "al capone" (like many, i wasn't aware of that at the time). as one of those tiresome pop stars who exploit their status to put the world to rights (or what they see as right), hopefully jerry dammers made sure those he appropriated from were justly remunerated...?

    darts – wasn’t going to bother watching this on the late edition as it was the only thing previously unseen that was edited out earlier, but pleased I made the effort just so I could make several comments about griff: I can’t help but think he bears an unfortunate resemblance to the bond villain jaws, and here he had a bit of hair out of place over his ear which was very distracting. also, did anyone notice his round-collared shirt? they were extremely popular about 100 years ago, then fell out of fashion for decades until very recently (liverpool fc manager brendan rodgers is one i have noticed taking up this curious revival). was very impressed how quickly he managed to change into his duke of edinburgh outfit though…

    gibson brothers – did anyone else notice in the full version that jimmy pursey had a hand in the introduction? maybe danny baker was there as a mate of his. i do have a memory of this, but not that this lot were responsible. better than the olympic runners' effort in this week’s funky disco stakes, but not a patch on "cuba" that i think was only a minor hit beforehand, but later made the top 20 as a re-release thanks to the success of this and "que mi vida". a school chum of mine used to do impressions of the lead singer that caused me great hilarity and inspired me to do likewise, but every time i did my throat hurt quite badly afterwards!

    boomtown rats: (to the tune of the chorus) "i don't like this song, i don't like this song, i don't like this song, because it's bor-or-or-or-oring, and it's far too long!"

    mark: 7/10

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    3. "whilst keyboard player pete wingfield had moved away to yorkshire where he began stalking prostitu... sorry, was possibly too busy working on the upcoming dexy's midnight runners album..."

      That confused me Wilberforce, until I saw the first image on the top left hand of google images....

    4. I thought that was Jimmy Pursey messing around with Powell before the Gibson Brothers, but wasn't certain. Griff from Darts also reminds me of someone else, though in my case it is Simon Cadell from Hi-de-Hi!

    5. sorry to confuse you leetree - i assumed that anyone who reads this blog would know what pete wingfield looks like...

  12. Some interesting info I found out about "Bang Bang". The line mentioning Sherlock Holmes' drug taking sometimes had the word "toke" replaced by "token". Also, I always wondered about the mention in the lyrics of Johnny Fruin. What was his place in history? Turns out he was the boss of B.A. Robertson's record label!

  13. Incidentally, I've had B.A. Robertson's Bang Bang going round in my head for a few days, only it keeps turning into So Macho by Sinitta. The tunes are similar, I suppose.

  14. Just checked the listings, and TOTP is indeed on next week. They're going to run out!

  15. Maybe they'll just repeat a show two weeks later? :-)

  16. Have any of you been to Hersham? It’s in the leafy Surrey stockbroker belt. More Pimm’s than punk. Still, good of Jimmy to (sort of) namecheck the Walton Hop, a legendary venue round those parts back then.

    Half of Olympic Runners had done a runner! I like the way Pete Wingfield got a credit despite not clocking in. This was cut-price Earth, Wind and Fire – more like soil, breeze and a lighter.

    The sound of summer? An ice cream van! Wrong, it’s the second best known band from Bath after Tears For Fears, with James Warren suffering an awful bout of constipation judging by his grimacing.

    Two songs in the top 50 containing kettledrums! B.A. Robertson kept reminding me of Bruce Forsyth in that clip. Either that or one of Animal Kwackers.

    Hmm, how can we spice up that Dave Edmunds video? I know, let’s remove some of the shots of those gnarled old men and stick some totty in! Good thing this video wasn’t produced by Benny Hill - things could’ve got a bit messy.

    I don’t remember hearing seagulls on the EW&F record. Were Patti and Pauline going all abstract near the end or had they mistimed their synchronised bit?

    Sparks may have been a bit dull on stage, but the overuse of those clocks ruined the song completely. We want more Ron!

    I had one of those Werther’s Originals moments when Terry Hall sang about a bootleg LP. Try explaining an LP to the kids in the ‘hood these days.

    Was Darts’ cellist only wearing the cello? Mind you, they must have rushed the group out of the dressing room. Poor Kenny didn’t have time to put his shirt on. For some reason during this song, I started wondering how things would have panned out in this edition if they’d swapped Kenny with The Special AKA’s Neville Staples.

    Catchy Euro disco from the Bacofoil Brothers. Beat that for fashion, Sheer Elegance (yes, I still remember them). That Danny Baker scrubbed up well for the occasion.

    1. It appears that Darts were leading the way with daring outfits, which at the time were only worn on TOTP by Rita from Darts, and Amii Stewart in her videos. I remember at the time that people were still reserved to take up any outfits above the knee, and found Darts to be revolutionary.
      Nowadays, everyone is doing it!

      Shame that this Darts performance was only in the second of the three showings, as the first and third had it edited out, and only the Thursday night late repeat showed Darts on the show.
      And I thought the extended show was on Thursday and Saturday night, but not this time.

  17. Whew! Caught this with just one day remaining! Thought it ran up until the weekend. Anyway, 2nd August already. We're now well into the summer hols and oh boy does this take me back! Have to say though that it was a bit of a surprise to hear the Specials so early in the month - I recollect hearing this towards the end of the holiday and into the autumn term, when the whole 2-Tone thing kicked off.

    Nasty bit of tape dropout on the audio of the chart rundown - was this present on the original broadcast? Was the BBC making cutbacks even then and using cassettes? Last chance to mention, since it hasn't been mentioned before, the rather unfortunate combination of lyrics and artist which led to the corny old DJ joke about 'You Got Me' by the Dooleys.

    One of the better show starters this week (wot - no live vocal?) complete with the apparently now customary Keith Moon antics at the end. Other things to mention are 'the sound of summer' or 'what to do with your tie whilst playing bass guitar #3', and B. A. Robertson, a brilliant lyricist but very much a product of this particular time.

    I can well remember I Don't Like Mondays getting to No. 1 and thinking that it may still be there when I go back to school in September, therefore I would end up hating it for life! Thankfully it was on the way down after just 4 weeks...

  18. The Yewtreed shows for 9th and 23rd August are now available online at the address below, although the former show is missing the chart rundown, No. 1 and closing credits. Many thanks to Neil B for posting these!

    1. Thank you that's great ~ I'll post them up on the blog in due course :-)

  19. I'm a bit late with the comments this week but I guess it doesn't matter as the BBC are so far ahead.

    The Dooleys' track works as rundown music but isn't it time they presented the Top 40 as they did on the radio.

    I'm ashamed to say I bought Hersham Boys but it just sounds embarrassing now although the band were clearly having a lot of fun.

    I have no recollection at all of The Olympic Runners song but I remember the film it came from.Great vocals by George Chandler and a good performance with the whole band getting into the vibe. Odd that PP mentioned that the band featured Pete Wingfield because he wasn't visible on stage with them.

    All members of The Korgis look decidedly uncomfortable in front of the camera. The lead singer's mouth looks like Wallace from Wallace and Gromitt with his teeth far too visible while he over-mimes every word awkwardly and the guitarist doesn't know what to do with his eyes and so he ends up closing them. Nice song though and a lovely guitar sound.

    Shame we don't get to hear Angel Eyes which reminds me, did Roxy Music do a song called Voulez Vous?

    Ah BA Robertson the man with longest face in pop (apart from Lionel Richie obviously). I bought this at the time with its special bang paper sleeve but I quickly grew tired of it. It's strange how other quirky new wave songs like Reasons To Be Cheerful and Jilted John went on to be classics but this got forgotten.

    Rockpile with a re-edited video showing more 'girls' in New York. They still fade it early though.

    I loved After The Love Has Gone with those beautiful ascending falsetto vocals and a nice routine by Legs in a beach setting.

    Nice to see Sparks get a second performance. Not sure if the clocks effect works, it's almost as though the producers didn't have confidence in the song and thought it needed something extra. It didn't.

    The Specials Gangsters, now you're talking. Funnily enough although I loved this the first time I heard it it was my brother who bought it and gave the record to me later which the first of numerous Two Tone single I owned. This stands out head and shoulders over anything else in the show. Pure class.

    Darts. Nice to see the BBC went to the trouble of filming some inserts of the band posing as members of the nobility in a carriage but they clearly don't have a Duke's outfit and so Griff has to be content with an Admiral's uniform.

    The Gibson Brothers dressed in coloured foil as selections from Quality Street with Danny Baker trying desperately not to be seen in the crowd. Is that Clive Langer with him? I loved the GB's other singles and forgot just how good this was.

    Then a song about death followed by the play out song about being born to be alive. Confused? I know I am.