Monday, 31 August 2015

Top of the Pops to the Beat

We have something a little bit different this week, put together by Alan Fish - so big thanks to Alan! This is a UK Gold style edition of a 'strike' episode with our host, DLT, in voice over only.....

Hope to see you soon......
Top of the Pops 3rd July 1980
Hosted by Dave Lee Travis
(30) JOY DIVISION - Love Will Tear Us Apart
Playing over the charts is Joy Division's only top 20 hit
(17) MATCHBOX – Midnight Dynamos
Still slowly making its way up to its peak if number 14
(36) YELLOW MAGIC ORCHESTRA - Computer Game (theme from the Invaders)
Their only hit which fought its way to 17 in the charts.
(9) BA ROBERTSON - To Be Or Not To Be
A big leap in the charts from 25 to 9 for BA but a higher position just wasn't to be.
(6) STACY LATTISAW - Jump To The Beat
This week's Legs & Co routine
(37) BAD MANNERS - Lip Up Fatty
Determinedly bouncing its way towards the top 20.
(21) BOB MARLEY AND THE WAILERS - Could You Be Loved
Another record slowly climbing the summer charts
Poised to claim the number one spot
This one would eventually peak at 21 in the charts
(5) THE KORGIS – Everybody’s Gotta Learn Sometime
The band's only top ten hit
This became a second top ten hit of 1980 for this 70's throwback band when it reached number 4.
(1) DON McLEAN - Crying
The final week at number one for Don
(12) ODYSSEY - Use it Up and Wear it Out
Getting in the queue for the number spot.


  1. well done alan for putting together a "strike-affected" edition with the dlt voiceover - i for one should have thought of that. i don't remember totp ever being presented in parts as if on commercial television though!

    YMO: nice to see you've found a proper (if somewhat basic) video for them - when i looked for one on youtube a while back, all i came across was their soul train (!) appearance

    bob marley: not sure the pc police will be too keen on "dlt" introducing bob's backing band as "de wailers" in steve wright-style cod-jamaican accent!

    ELO/ONJ - dory may be pleased to hear that i'm actually getting to quite like this having heard it several times now. but that doesn't mean i'm going to revisit the rest of their stuff though!

    detroit spinners: hopefully the final nail in the coffin of the 70's phenomenon of the identically-dressed soul vocal groups where one does the real work whilst the rest just do a few oohs and aahs and throw some shapes?

    1. There's still two more releases to come in Oct/Nov 1980 from the Xanadu album - one from ELO and one a duet by Olivia and Cliff to finish the up the releases from the movie soundtrack.

      We will see both of these efforts in the BBC4 repeats after the summer break, and enough time to fully appreciate the rest of their stuff by then Wilberforce.

    2. Cheers Wilberforce. This was a copy of UK GOLD back in the 90s. So i used these comercial breaks to my advantage. The Pretenders first performance of Brass In Pocket went straight to comercial break and the legs routine for Herb Alpert again no after link

    3. quite liking one of the their songs where somebody else sings lead vocals doesn't quite mean i'm an ELO convert now!

  2. Good work Alan, even if there wasn't much new to chew over this week. Love Will Tear Us Apart worked well as a chart rundown track, and the Crown Heights Affair Legs routine transferred seamlessly to Stacy Lattisaw. I can't believe that tedious Matchbox song hung around the charts for so long, but the Yellow Magic Orchestra had a pleasant synth-oriental sound to their hit - it just went on a bit. I can't believe The Detroit Spinners got to 4 with this incredibly bland cover - Working My Way Back to You was far superior.

    I'm hoping that next week someone might be able to dig out for us the full, uncut version of the 9 July pilot episode. It certainly looks like it's out there somewhere...

    1. I agree that the 9th July pilot episode should be dug out and shown in full on 4shared, so that we can have a week off from the TOTP Game to see the actual BBC show, and then resume the game for 16th July.
      What do you think Angelo?

    2. Cheers John G. I have made this 1 late in the day. And had little to choose from because i didn't want to clash with the 26th of June Or the 10th of july

  3. I think it is a good idea dory, to have a rest for a week. But not this week. The 10th contains 15 songs
    8 from the pilot & 7 Others The Legs Routine i aint sayin. There isnt a 17th Of July at present as we have doubled up the 24th which weighs in at nearly an hour. But who knows if i get our new look 17th of July pilot ready. It is not for the game but it will be free for angelo to blog it

    1. i'm happy to play the guessing game whenever a fantasy edition of totp is put together...

  4. So we've got a 10th July folks for GOTOTPS but then a rest week for the 17th July before a mighty battle for the 24th July Number One spot!

  5. This is coming up 'file not found'. Has it been removed?

  6. It hasn't been removed. Angelo had the same problem with the second one. But he has watched it on his smartphone