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Reap the Wild Top of the Pops

This edition of Top of the Pops from September 30th 1982 was a special show to celebrate 15 years of Radio One. Unfortunately it will not be shown on BBC4 because, amongst the many DJs featured, is Jimmy Savile. Could they really not have edited him out?

A very big thanks once again to Neil B for uploading this edition here to We Transfer
Obviously do not click it if you wish to avoid Jimmy Savile.

One hundred and eight-tehhhhhh!

30-9-82: Presenter: The Radio 1 D.J.’s (Live) (Radio 1 15th Anniversary Edition)

(26) DEXY’S MIDNIGHT RUNNERS – Jockey Jackie Wilson Said (I’m In Heaven When You Smile)
This follow up to Come on Eileen became the band's final top ten hit peaking at number 5. And it's THAT infamous performance, and it doesn't get repeated on any future show.

(29) ULTRAVOX – Reap The Wild Wind (video)
Peaked at number 12.

(31) IMAGINATION – In The Heat Of The Night
Made it to number 22.

(9) ADAM ANT – Friend Or Foe (D.J.’s dancing)
At is chart peak.

(30) THE PINKEES – Danger Games
Their only hit, reaching number 8.

(27) ROXY MUSIC – Take A Chance With Me (danced to by Zoo)
The band's final top 30 hit, moving up one place higher.

(14) MARI WILSON – Just What I Always Wanted
Still heading towards the top ten.

(1) MUSICAL YOUTH – Pass The Dutchie (video)
First of three weeks at number one.

(25) UB40 – So Here I Am (crowd dancing) (and credits)
At its peak.

>> The Radio 1 D.J.’s appearing on this show were David Jensen,
John Peel, Tony Blackburn, Andy Peebles, Dave Lee Travis, Jonathan King,
Jimmy Savile, Richard Skinner, Peter Powell, Paul Burnett, Paul Gambaccini,
Mike Read, Steve Wright, Anne Nightingale, Tommy Vance, Alexis Korner,
Adrian Juste, Adrian John, Simon Bates and Mike Smith.

Next up is October 7th 1982 hosted by, would you believe it, Jimmy Savile! So it also won't be shown on BBC4!


  1. A show including the BBC 'banned three' - Jimmy Saville, Dave Lee Travis and Jonathan King - 'shock horror' I hear you say. It was very nearly the 'banned five', as the powers that be also tried to send Paul Gambaccini and Tony Blackburn to the same fate.

    Dexys Midnight Runners - not quite sure what Angelo means by saying 'that infamous performance'. Please clarify what you mean. Anyway, I always found this Dexy Number as one of their best, especially the way it ends with the closing musical instruments.

    The Pinkees - I think they were trying to sound like The Beatles, or a 1978 TOTP studio band.

    Roxy Music - this was the highlight of the show for me, not only for the great tune from Mr Ferry & Co, but also the superb costumes and dancing by Zoo who used the costumes and their great bodies (the girls I mean) to full effect.

    1. Well maybe infamous wasn't quite the right word Dory, but I was referring to the Jocky Wilson picture on the big screen, which has given this performance at bit of notoriety.

    2. were blackburn and gambo also struck-off, would they be known as "the infamous five"?

  2. What I love about the Jocky Wilson photo joke was that not one person in the studio seems to have noticed.

    Just read that Jocky Wilson had almost as sad an end as Jackie Wilson. He lost all his money and died at age 62 after a long illness. His family also fell out after his brother bought out a book criticising his mum.

    1. Funny that JOCKY Wilson won his only world darts title earlier in the same year 1982, and was still the reigning world champion when Dexys had this hit now this week called JACKIE Wilson Said.

    2. Denys always maintain it was an intentional joke. I don't think the BBC were happy at the bad publicity it generated

    3. Indeed Jocky Wilson who died in 2012, and now in that dartboard in the sky, can at last associate with the words in this Dexys number "Im in heaven, I'm in heaven", but back then when this charted in 1982, he was only the reigning world darts champion, with his photo on the TOTP big screen.

    4. Didn't Jocky make World Darts Champion in 1989 as well?

    5. Yeah, but 1989 is not relevant to this week's blog. On JACKIE Wilson Said by Dexys Midnight Runners, it was a hit and on TOTP in Sep 1982, while JOCKY Wilson was still reigning world champion. He went on to lose the crown in January 1983, but the Dexys song was by then well gone from the charts, and you're right, he had to wait another six years till 1989 for his only other world championship crown.

    6. Re Jackie (not Jocky) Wilson, by this time he had been in a semi-comatose state for seven years after suffering a massive heart attack on stage. He eventually died in January 1984, though he did of course have an impressive UK chart afterlife, as we will see if these reruns ever get as far as 1987.

  3. Given the end of Neil B's recording of this edition having a snapshot of the next edition starting with Kid Creole, I guess it will be Neil B that will furnish the 7th Oct Jimmy Saville edition.

  4. it looks like nobody's put a streaming version of this online, so i'll just have to go from memory and whatever i can trawl on youtube. but i have to ask: why were people like annie nightingale and alexis korner on the show, when to my knowledge they never hosted it otherwise?

    dexy's: what a bummer that this can't be seen on the telly, although i suppose it's on youtube? if only for the surreal visual angle, as like all dexy's stuff this does little if anything for me musically. but kudos to kevin rowland for belying his usual po-faced manner and joining in with the producers to set up a jolly jape. the thing i remember about jocky wilson (apart from the fact that he last all his teeth at a very early age, and became a recluse in later years) was watching him once play a journeyman opponent whose dart-throwing was uncommonly prolonged. which caused jocky no end of frustration awaiting his turn, and also inevitably destroyed his concentration so thus allowing the guy to beat him! it's on youtube, so you can watch jocky smoking away in the background (both with a fag and in annoyance) and as he struggles to endure the other guy's torturous technique:

    midge ur - sorry, ultravox: i didn't even bother watching this on youtube as they were now basically midge, his whiny guitar and his puny pop songs (and as such, well-past my shark-jumping moment)

    imagination: i loved their first two albums overall, but the fact is that i don't have this (that i have only a vague recall of) in my collection. which tells me it was one of their lesser efforts in my view, so no surprise it stalled outside the top 20 in contrast to their earlier hits. also the formula was beginning to wear a little thin by now anyway

    pinkees: when i first tried to listen to this on yt i thought the audio was virtually non-existent, which wouldn't be the first time some idiot has uploaded something that way. but then i realised i was wearing the wrong headphones! don't remember this at all, but it's tedious power pop a la the jags/the vapors that's about three years too late. the band even look like they're still stuck in 1979! i can't believe this was even released as a single, never mind got to no.8 in the charts

    roxy: this wasn't bad, but not a patch on their first two singles from the "avalon" album. it was a shame they didn't release the superior "true to life" instead

    1. Kid Jensen mentioned at the beginning of the show that he is joined by all his R1 colleagues, so it was not dependent on whether they hosted TOTP before. At least it was a way of getting to see what people like Alexis Korner and Adrian Juste actually looked like, as they never appeared on television otherwise, and we would never have known what they look like, especially as we were well before the internet arrival in the 90s, where you could get a picture of anyone instantly.

      Thanks for the Jocky Wilson link. It's amazing that it has 52,000 views in only 3 months of being posted. I myself found it as frustrating as Jocky to watch this, and I can only attribute the slow-playing opponent to perhaps having had too much Dry Blackthorn Cider from the sponsors before the match, unless he was teetotal and developed a tactical plan to beat Jocky? Notice in the clip that Jocky had more time to enjoy his cigarettes during the match, so it was not all bad for him, surely?

      As for The Pinkees, the more I hear it, the more it sounds like Squeeze, and as I also surmised, a late 70s sound.

    2. The Pinkees' single was rumoured to have been helped up the chart by hyping and possible chart rigging (unusual sales patterns).

    3. jocky certainly had plenty of time to enjoy his booze and tabs after the match! mind you, i get the impression that his post-match routine would have been the same - win or lose...

    4. That clip of abattoir worker Terry Down beating world number 4 Jocky was superb. Loved the way Jocky graciously took defeat and congratulated his opponent!

    5. terry certainly slaughtered jocky in that match. and jocky was somewhat "down" about it afterwards...

  5. It would have been easy to edit out DLTs link and Imagination, and Savile's link and Friend or Foe. Slightly more tricky to edit Savile out of the final link but I'm sure with a modicum of effort BBC4 could have managed it. Such a shame BBC4 viewers won't get to see this show.

    1. We've had these conversations before about BBC4 'simply' editing out the presenters that they do not want shown (including DLT harshly lumped into this), but this episode would have been too troublesome to edit, cos there was JS, DLT, and JK, and I'm sure they also got it in for Gambaccini, and possibly Blackburn, so it was much easier for them to skip this issue, and yes, a pity for us TOTP fans.

    2. Gambo and Tone have shows on Radio 2 at the moment (well, Tone's back in a few weeks), so I doubt they'd be an issue.

    3. Hes back? Tony (and Gambo tbh) should have sued the beebs arses off!!!

    4. Gambo's main "beef" seems to be with the police, who he takes every opportunity to slag off in the press.

      Tony is too nice a guy to resort to legal wrangles and looks to be happy to put the problem behind him. I imagine if the cops had been involved it might have been a different story!

  6. Glad we're past that urban myth that the Jocky Wilson Said photo was a mistake, as propagated by Phill Jupitus on Never Mind the Buzzcocks. Yes, it was a joke, and a funny one. This cover doesn't add much to the original, but it bops along nicely.

    Chocks away, Ultravox, for some reason naming their song after the film where John Wayne fights a giant squid. But it's a decent, optimistic-sounding tune, setting its eyes on the stars sort of thing, though the video has the same aspect ratio troubles that Midge's last solo one had.

    Imagination, hmm, faltering now with a song that sounded like a retread of former glories. Though the golden Roman centurion outfits don't let us down.

    I think what's up next was the reason this was never shown on BBC Four, not for reasons of offence, but for reasons of good taste. Anything you lot have ever said against Zoo you can take back right now! This was horrendous! At least Peelie has the presence of mind to stand stock still. No wonder Adam Ant didn't have a bigger hit with this one, the mental scars were too much for the record-buying public!

    One song you never hear anymore, The Pinkees, and that's because it's dreadful, and because it was part of a chart fixing scam as Arthur mentions above. Offends the sense of fair play, and Paul Burnett was thankfully wrong about them being the future of music.

    Ah, Zoo, that's better. I don't recall this Roxy Music effort, it's a mid-tempo plodder that hasn't stuck in my mind just after hearing it.

    When Mari Wilson sings she has a tune from Teddy - who was Teddy?

    As for the DJs, I think Adrian John only got to present one edition of TOTP because he was always on so early. Annie Nightingale, who was on in the evening, never got to present any as far as I remember! Too busy on Whistle Test, I suppose.

    1. 'Teddy' is Teddy Johns, who wrote the song! It's a nom de plume for a singer / songwriter called Tot Taylor, who ran The Compact Organisation, the label Mari's single was on. Tot hooked up with Mari musically after both were relieved of their previous contracts with GTO.

    2. Thanks! That's cleared up a 34 year old mystery for me! So he namechecked himself in his own song? I suppose rappers do it all the time, though not for other artists.

      Now... what's an Ashworth snap? Who was Ashworth?

    3. I think Annie Nightingale had just stepped down from Whistle Test at this time.

    4. Ashworth (I think his first name was Peter) was the photographer who took the pictures for a number of Mari Wilson's record sleeves...including for this single!

    5. Well, this is getting ridiculous, why not mention his mum in there while he was at it?

    6. I think it's cool to name check the writers and photographer.

      Peter Ashworth was also a musician and was in an early incarnation of The The who had their first (minor) chart hit at this time with Uncertain Smile (one of my fave singles of all time). He also worked with Matt Johnson in Marc Almond's band Marc and The Mambas who issued their first album at this time.

    7. Uncertain Smile is a classic tune, that piano outro is just great. Jools Holland, I think? Who my parents went to see tonight and had a great time.

    8. yes, it was jools holland tinkling the ivories at the end of "uncertain smile". i used to quite like that solo too, although he veered a bit too close to the blues wind at times!

      i remember my chums and i finding the band name quite amusing at the time, and debating on how to pronounce it ("the the"?, "thee thee"? etc). i never use the definitive article for musical acts in my mp3 collection, so were they to be in it (which they aren't - not at the moment, anyway) then they would simply be "the"...

    9. Jools played on the album version of Uncertain Smile but not on the original 1982 single.

    10. Yeah, the single's more synth-y, though the album version is all that gets played on the radio nowadays. I have no problem with that.

    11. "Uncertain Smile". Great single, deserved a mugshot.

  7. Shakey Shakerson2 December 2016 at 05:04

    Thanx to NeilB for getting this to us.

    Dexys - Jackie Wilson. Better than Eileen but not a patch on Geno or any of the Young Soul Rebels album. My those drumsticks that Kev had were strong weren't they? Couldn't break them over his knees no matter how hard he tried.

    Ultravox. Pretty much a Majure solo song and not bad at all. The video was tedious though. Cinematic, but tedious.

    Imagination - drinking at the last chance saloon and simultaneously scraping the barrel. A neat trick. A terrible tune.

    The decent Friend Or Foe completely ruined by the sight of mass Dad/Grandad dancing from the DJs. God knows who thought that was a good idea.

    The Pinkees. A while ago, I confessed to being totally gobsmacked that there was a song in the charts called Monkey Chop by an act called Dan I - neither of which I had any clue about. I put that down to being a one-off. Turns out it was a two-off. Somehow, against all odds, this sub-Squeeze tuneless piece of powerpop apparently got to number 6. Never heard of it. Never heard of them either. Bad idea to sing live though, and why four guitars. The Jam made better, louder songs with just two. No wonder the cameraman missed the solo.

    Roxy. A dull song, and to be honest I'm getting a tad weary of criticising Zoo all the time. Let's just say they were nice to their mums and leave it at that eh?

    A bit of a come down from last week. The plethora of Djs voicing their one-liners added nothing to the show. Kid did a decent job of topping and tailing and the chart rundown, but still I can't go higher than 5.

    Musically it's 4. Dexys and Ultravox started us off fairly well but after that it was downhill until we hit the Mari Wilson/Musical Youth double at the end.

    1. monkey chop! i'm still highly grateful that these reruns have brought that previously-unheard (or forgotten) gem to my attention. i must have played it dozens of times by now!

  8. I've downloaded this edition but haven't time to watch it just yet. In the meantime though, and it looks like I'm going right against the grain of present company, I just want to say how I can remember the Pinkees being a blast of fresh air back in 1982. By this time we had had two years of pretty boys playing keyboards and it was so good to hear and see some 'real music' again. Sadly they came and went, which wasn't really surprising.

    One of my favourite YouTube videos is a pre chart success Pinkees doing an open-air gig. Now I've never been to Basildon in my life but this really does capture the atmosphere and feeling of a summer Saturday in a busy town centre (particularly the second clip) - the nearest thing to a time machine I've yet found. It also appears that by the time of their TV appearances they had replaced their bass player with somebody a bit more telegenic...

  9. Thanks as ever to Neil B for coming to our rescue, both for this show and the next one. Sobering to think that next year Radio 1 will be celebrating its 50th birthday, with a number of the DJs featured here doubtless being airbrushed out of the inevitable celebrations! Kid would presumably have hosted this edition solo if it had been a normal week, so it falls to him to do most of the heavy lifting while his colleagues make cameo appearances of greater or lesser interest. Nice to see Mike Smith making his TOTP debut, but will we ever get to see him on BBC4? It was also a pleasant novelty to have Annie Nightingale and Alexis Korner in the studio; Korner had been one of the prime architects of the British blues boom in the 60s, but sadly he died little more than a year after this appearance. The presence of Adrian Juste was much less welcome, though he was marginally less irritating here than he was on the Christmas Day '81 show. Adrian John looked like the bastard child of Cliff and Mike Read...

    There's not much to say about this notorious Dexys performance that hasn't already been said, but I prefer this version of the song to the original, not least because I heartily detest Van the Man! Kev manages to look quite menacing brandishing that drumstick, even when he keeps tapping his head with it. The Ultravox video looked expensive and evocative, but the song was perhaps a bit too up in the clouds for its own good, and felt lightweight compared with some of their earlier stuff. The band all looked pretty good in uniform, mind you.

    Imagination, of course, have their own kind of uniform and they present another variant of it here with their shiny gold Roman look. As others have noted, while this is another entertaining performance the musical formula is starting to sound tired, and the law of diminishing returns beginning to set in. The same applies to Adam Ant, but I don't think he deserved to have all those DJs trying to dance to his record - I would certainly have preferred to see that rather silly video again! Jim'll manages the miraculous feat of instantly transporting himself from one part of the studio to another to kick off the dance, while John Peel wisely stays still. It seemed oddly appropriate that DLT was caught in freeze frame just as Adam sang about "my friend or my enemy," given how vilified he has now become...

    The Pinkees? The Mullets, more like! This had quite a good tune, but was let down badly by some really weedy vocals, and they hardly live up to Paul Burnett's description of them as "the future." Roxy Music would very soon be a thing of the past, but this final Top 30 hit is a bit of an anonymous farewell. I did quite enjoy the Zoo routine though, which had a slightly similar vibe to the excellent dance Legs did a couple of years before to another Roxy track, The Same Old Scene.

    We close with a fun new performance from Mari, complete with shiny new dress and some nicely executed choreography when the blokes are handing stuff to her, before the new number 1 and some Zoo dancing and twirling to UB40. That was an impressive jump by Musical Youth from 26 to the very top, and also interesting to see that every record from 30 to 25 was new to the 30, though of course House of the Rising Sun had been there before...

    1. employing two jocks with very similar names in adrians juste and john must have been a bit problematic for the beeb - i bet one was mistaken for the other on one or more occasion. and just to add to the confusion they also had adrian (son of easy listening band leader geoff) love on their roster at the same time!

    2. yes, this was the last that we saw of roxy music (certainly on the recording front, although they toured as recently as five years ago). however bryan ferry (who in effect was roxy by this time anyway) was presumably already turning his attention to recording his next solo album "boys and girls" that was in effect a continuation of the smooth and polished sound of "avalon". and in my opinion one of the best albums of the 80's...

  10. A bit of a take it or leave it episode for me, but thanks once again to Neil B for giving us access to it. Nice to see so many DJs all together although there’s at least one I’d rather not see now with hindsight.

    Dexys Midnight Runners – Jackie Wilson said – I don’t think I ever saw this show hence the stuff about Jocky Wilson on the 1982 special went right over my head. Very strange. I did enjoy the Terry Down link though…thanks Wilberforce. As for this song; well it’s not a patch on ‘Come on Eileen’ is it?

    Ultravox – Reap the Wild Wind – Midge Ure is all windswept landscapes and expansive scenery and this video gives full credence to the tag as it’s a visual treat. The song and album ‘Quartet’ were of course produced by George Martin and at the start of the video you can see the band designing the sleeve artwork. I queued up for ages in the Virgin Megastore to get all four band members to sign ‘Quartet’ and I’ve still got the LP, although I carelessly managed to spill some coffee on it in 1993 (or then and thereabouts). It’s an OK song and album with one classic song on it which would have to wait for ‘third single’ status to get released….

    Imagination – In the Heat of the Night – Sounds and looks like every other Imagination hit, so little imagination really…

    Adam Ant – Friend or Foe – Get a load of DJs to dance to an average hit that has already had its video shown and fill out a couple of minutes with natty freeze frames…. Next….

    Pinkees – Danger Games – Hey I don’t recall this record at all. Made no impression at the time. I really must have missed it. What can I say? OK, but nothing wonderful and curiously out of kilter with the times.

    Roxy Music – Take a chance with me – If you change your mind, I’m the next in line, baby I’m still free….er no, not quite. But hey, this is really good! Not one that appears on Roxy compilations and that’s a shame as I prefer it to the likes of ‘Do the Strand’. Nice Zoo routine following the previous dance to Chicago.

    Mari Wilson – Just what I always wanted – She looks like one of those dolls that sits on top of the loo and houses a spare roll. That middle section still feels wrong in an otherwise catchy tune

    Musical Youth – Pass the Dutchie – FF

    UB40 – So here I am – Still going up? Third feature on ToTP for this whereas ‘Private Investigations’ gets to No2 and features once. Ok I’m a ‘Worn out record’……

    1. "jocky - sorry, jackie wilson said" was actually a cover of a song by van morrison. but like mr rowland, "van the man" is a highly-respected musical practitioner who is sheer anathema as far as i'm concerned!

  11. Must admit Adrian Juste reminds me of Birmingham 'legend' Les Ross.

  12. Big thanks to Neil B here and, for once, it downloaded very quickly!

    A great follow-up from the young Alan Sugar, showing an unexpected sense of humour with the Toppatron ™. As the legendary Si Waddell once said, “There’s only one word for that – magic darts!”

    Uretravox with a video far more enthralling than the vacuous song.

    Oo! It’s Andy Peebles, with a new hard man look!

    DLT gets multi bonus points for shutting that King bloke up and calling him a loudmouth!

    Imagination’s garb reminded me of Frankie Howerd in “Up Pompeii”, and I’ve have preferred to see the now sadly long gone Thereze Bazar in Leeeeeee’s outfit. The song reminded me of a thin facsimile of their previous efforts.

    Friend Or Fooooooh dear, who thought this was a good idea? Kudos to John Peel for almost inventing the Safety Dance. No wonder this dropped down the chart the next week.

    From the same label that gave you Jim’ll’s sure fire number one tip by Honky from Southampton (new bloggers please check our original leader’s site “Yes It’s Number One” for reference) we get a piece of allegedly hyped dogshit from The Pinkees.

    Ah, Steve Wright without shades but still stupidly nodding like a back windscreen dog. A piece of in one ear and out the other Roxy Music fluffed accompanied by, well, it’s not the standard of Leo and Libra, is it?

    A superb outing by Mari Wilson (in a much better dress) and The Wilsations, throwing great shapes near the end. Mari was a natural – if only her follow-ups had been as good. Previous label GTO must have believed in her at first, as they printed “The Sound Of Young Wembley” on the singles’ label in a circular fashion near the push-out centre of her only single with them. B-side “If That’s What You Want” is a decent Northern Soul floor filler.

    No, Kid, “Pass The Dutchie” isn’t Musical Youth’ first single. It’s their first on a major label after their debut on a regional indie. Does anyone else remember those spoof TOTP re-runs (fronted by the same clip of David Hamilton in a challenging shirt), as one featured Musical Yootha?

    And we end with UB40, almost reaching Jesse Green style saturation coverage for a minor hit (new bloggers please check our original leader’s blah blah blah).

    Hoping to critique the outstanding shows tomorrow. Good night and good love!

    1. "uretravox" - brilliant! why couldn't i have thought of that?

  13. What a weird show this was, my memory for DJs was pretty good though since I recognised them all on sight bar Alexis Korner. Carrie Grant was clearly visible in one link, and it looked to me like Nick Beggs was on our left of the DJs in another (though I could be wrong, and I can't remember which one it was!)

    Dexy's - I had no idea who Jackie Wilson at the time, yet still knew that the picture of Jocky was a gag (or mistake as many thought initially) but given that this didn't get another airing, they must have gone onto Hurll's blacklist for that.

    Ultravox - Not much love for this, but I think it's my favourite of theirs. Helped greatly by being on the 'Chart Runners' compo that I played endlessly admittedly.

    Imagination - And again, going against most here I would say this is one of their best, though I agree that it's quite samey having seen the previous few quite a lot on TOTP.

    Adam Ant - No surprise that Mike Read and Bates are the ones doing the most 'look at me!' dancing. And what is Gambo wearing?

    The Pinkees - Blindingly obvious that it was hyped given that it pootles around in the lower reaches for a bit then magically jumps into the Top 10. Well, that and the fact that it's shit.

    Roxy Music - Nice enough, but you can tell it's the last one from the album.

    Mari Wilson - Another excellent performance of this.

    Why on earth they picked UB40 for the playout I don't know. There's a song that would only have made the Top 10 with record company hype since being on TOTP all the time hasn't helped it.
    'Glittering Prize' would have been a) better and b) more appropriate for the occasion

    1. I wrote it down in my notes (yes, I prep first- how sad is that?) but I forgot to mention Elvis Gambacccini!

    2. The end of Roxy music's run at this point in time, i.e., late 1982, is somewhat disappointing, as the band have been with us right through all these repeats since 2011 when this TOTP repeat run began with April 1976, and we now say farewell to Roxy Music, in order to welcome the solo career of Bryan Ferry, bringing with him a more diverse type of music. I would still insist that the Roxy Music brand was a better brand of music than the solo Bryan Ferry from 1983 onwards.

    3. if you've read my comments above, you'll see that i beg to differ (once again!). as stylish as it was, in my view the final roxy album "avalon" was merely the hors d'euvre for the sumptuous feast of the sultan of suave's "boys and girls" album that was to follow!

  14. Just tried to access the video on We Transfer, only to be told it had been removed.

    1. WeTransfer only holds videos for 7 days, so you need to be quick and download.