Sunday, 1 January 2017

One Top of the Pops Further

And so we reach the final Top of the Pops of 1982, a live show from December 30th, and because one of the hosts is Jimmy Savile it won't be screened on BBC4. So a huge thanks goes to Robert Thompson for making it available here at WeTransfer. Obviously do not click the link if you wish to avoid Jimmy Savile.

Happy New Hair!

30-12-82: Presenters: Jimmy Savile O.B.E, Pat Sharp, Janice Long & Gary Davies (Live)

ABC – The Look Of Love

BARDO – One Step Further

BANANARAMA & FUN BOY THREE – It Ain’t What You Do It’s The Way That You Do It

(US CHART) JOHN COUGAR – Hurts So Good (video)
(US CHART) J. GEILS BAND – Centerfold (video)
(US CHART) JOAN JETT & THE BLACKHEARTS – I Love Rock ‘N’ Roll (video)
(US CHART) OLIVIA NEWTON-JOHN – Physical (video)

THE BELLE STARS – The Clapping Song

IMAGINATION – Just An Illusion

ROCKER’S REVENGE – Walking On Sunshine (danced to by Zoo)


SHAKATAK – Nightbirds

PIGBAG – Papa’s Got A Brand New Pigbag (and credits)

Next up then is January 6th 1983. It was hosted by Mike Smith and so BBC4 is skipping it. But we will blog it on January 6th 2017.

So until then, here's wishing a very Happy New Year to everyone who reads and contributes to this blog!


  1. Thanks Angelo, but my Mac cannot download Avi. files even through WeTransfer, so if you can convert it to a normal file and then put on WeTransfer, that would be great

  2. OK, got to see this show on Utube in four parts, although Rockers Revenge was pinched out of the clips unfortunately, so still waiting to see this one.

    Bardo - awful outfits on the pair singing this. The less said about this the better.

    Bananarama & The Fun Boy Three - this was probably the happiest and smiliest we have ever seen Terry Hall, and a welcome change from the usual smug look on his performances. It must have been the Christmas effect or Bananarama influence on him.

    The Belle Stars - best performance on the show in my opinion - great to see the allgirl band back in the studio to do this one. Really like their fun attitude and costumes here.

    Roll on 1983, and happy new year everyone!

    1. Dory, I've posted the dropbox link to 16/12/82 on the comments list for the 16th's Blog.

    2. Great, that means the rest of the Renee & Renato No.1 should be on there, plus the Donna Summer playout included.

    3. brie, this is no different to what Angelo has posted up on WeTransfer for 16/12/82. What I'm really looking for is the UK Gold copy (or original 1982 broadcast) with the full Renee & Renato No.1 as well as the Donna Summer playout. Someone must have it surely, if it was broadcast on UK Gold. Come on guys!

      If it does turn up, please can Angelo put the full show up, and not ending in the middle of the no.1 song before the TOTP show is over.

    4. Dory, as I put on the earlier blog, both versions clip off early and so, as you say, we need someone to post the original BBC transmission as the UK Gold one will have the JK bit missing as they used to edit the longer shows to fit their schedules. The 16/12/82 show was originally 45 minutes long. When they repeated the xmas show featuring DLT from 1977 which was originally 60 minutes long they cut 3 acts out of it when they repeated it.

    5. if anyone really wants to watch the renee and renato video in full, then they must be some kind of masochist!

  3. Getting a problem with the sound on the avi file - it's all speeded up (and then cuts out).

    Is it the file or something wrong on my end - help!

  4. There was an element of the Old Master training up his apprentices about this show, as an energised Jim'll, wearing a vest I am pretty sure we saw on the 1976 editions, shares the limelight with Radio 1's newest hosts. They all do OK, though Pat is a bit too overearnest in his links, and Janice is pushing her luck when she asserts that one of the great things about 1983 will be viewers seeing more of the three of them on TOTP! The distribution of links was curiously unbalanced, with Gary getting 3, Pat 2 and Janice just 1 - latent BBC sexism in action, perhaps? JK also provides quite an interesting rundown of the best-selling US singles of 1982, though the bit where he talked through a bespectacled ET mask was actually quite disturbing...

    Anyway, this was a good set of performances, though I could have done without Shakatak being in the studio yet again. Highlights for me were a glamorous ABC doing The Look of Love with their instruments on this occasion, Terry Hall smiling extensively at the end of It Ain't What You Do, and perhaps most of all Leee John surpassing himself with a truly outrageous head-warming gold sequin number. It was amusing as well to note Scrooge-like Hugh Cornwell's obvious displeasure at the balloons being thrown in his face, and the well-refreshed Pigbag trumpeter at the end - perhaps it was no coincidence that Michael Hurll cut away from the band to Zoo for much of that performance! Zoo themselves do their umpteenth routine to Rocker's Revenge, but I'm afraid that if they think flashing some torches adequately conveys the notion of walking on sunshine, they are sadly mistaken...

    Well, it's certainly been a busy year, and I would like to thank Angelo very much for his stamina and dedication in posting up more than 100 blogs during 2016. It looks as if BBC4 are going to continue the 2 shows per weeks policy this year, so we could well be talking about Band Aid by next Christmas! Thanks as well to all blog contibutors for their ever-entertaining, perceptive and informative comments, and a Happy New Year!

  5. not much to say about this, as is usually the case with these xmas specials. martin fry copped some flack on this blog a while back for his "then you judge the look by the lover" lyric, but by sheer chance i was listening to this track which proves that even if he didn't crib it then he wasn't exactly being original:

    also, i noticed the added "live" syndrums when pigbag did their thing - with the agreement or knowledge of the producer? a taste of things to come when musicians would be hired to jam along with dance records in clubs

    1. Thanks for the link Wilberforce, I'm now feeling very aroused first thing this morning.

    2. "feeling very aroused"?!? i had to wonder what the hell inspired that reaction, as i only posted the video link for the abc lyric cross-reference. i never actually watched it, so i certainly wasn't aware it was accompanied by footage of some floozy pole-dancing and generally prancing about practically naked! but dory if it gave you some excitement, than take it as a bonus

    3. Yeah Wilberforce, you should watch in full the footage you are posting. You may also get aroused by that lady.

    4. the reason i never watched it was because i couldn't be bothered plugging another pair of headphones into my laptop. i wish i had now, so i could have found an alternative posting of that track that didn't feature sleazy soft porn images!

    5. ...what gets me about it is that the song in question is not particularly sexually suggestive either lyrically or musically, so what is shown accompanying it is utterly gratuitous in my opinion. but as they say: each to his own...

    6. Considering the Utube poster is called SleazyEmotions, it's hardly surprising! However it is a well-made video/special effects piece of film which I expect was quite common in the 70s, even on TOTP shows, if not this particular video.

    7. I just had another watch of it, and the best part is the 5 seconds between 0:24-0:29 of the video, and then also between 1:42-1:47. I guess it was perfect for an early morning stiffie in those days.

    8. i suspect the accompanying video footage is far more contemporary than the 70's. but like i say: i was only looking for the music to make a point of the lyrical comparison with abc's "the look of love", so i certainly wasn't looking out for whatever came with it!

  6. Somebody has put the 6/1/83 show on WeTransfer:

    1. Brilliant stuff John, this opened immediately and a good copy too. It means that Renee & Renato are No.1 for the 4th week, correctly confirmed by Mike Smith, even with that naughty sound thrown in to the video when Renato throws the flower to Renee.

      I expect that by now at the start of 1983, the VCRs where starting to be purchased by the general public, so I wouldn't be surprised if about 10 people on this blog will volunteer their copy for the Yewtreed or Mike Smithed editions.

      With regard to these blogs, I noticed that there are now embedded ads on the blog pages from 1st January. At first I thought it was my computer letting them in, but no, it even happens when using other people's computers, so maybe a computer worm has entered Angelo's system to throw up ads at us. Good grief!

    2. the only real surprise to me is that it's taken so long for the bastard ads to arrive. as they say, there's no such thing as a free lunch...

      ps - i can assure you that i won't be clicking on any of the damn things!

    3. There's an Avenged Sevenfold ad on this page - how old do they think we are?!

    4. What annoys me the most about website ads, apart from their intrusiveness, is that they slow down the site's loading time - I've already noticed that it's taking longer for the blog to load up. I guess it's just another thing we will have to learn to live with...

    5. A good way round this would be to use a new url website link, so that it starts ad-free which may last three years or so without ads, i.e., like the current one. Would this be possible, i.e., instead of, you could have for example www.

    6. what's an avenged sevenfold? presumably something for the idiot yoof generation of today?

    7. if what dory says is true, then now is the obvious time for angelo to start up a new blog site. in fact i always wondered why he didn't start a new one up at the beginning of each year anyway...

    8. I can't see any ads, but then I am using the 'Adblock Plus' plug-in for Chrome so that may be blocking them.

      Interesting what you say about more copies of the banned shows Dory, I definitely have 3 from 83 in full (at least one of which is Yewtreed) but from UK Gold rather than the original broadcast!

    9. Any UK Gold versions are very welcome too.

    10. Avenged Sevenfold are a US metal band much beloved of the teenage sector. They'll be in Glasgow next week - maybe I should pop along and check them out?

  7. A quick review of this one, as I don't think we were missing much here, other than a view of how the new DJs could cope with a live show.
    Janice Long gets little to do, Gary Davies looks very much at home, and Pat Sharp is trying a little too hard.

    The music is OK, a few good ones like ABC, Bardo (aren't they bored of that routine yet?) Imagination (lovely tinsel, Leeeeeeee) & Bananarama / Fun Boy 3.

    The middling stuff : The Belle Stars (singer looks less sexy without hat, it turns out) & Rockers Revenge (no show from them again)

    No thanks : Pigbag, as I've always hated it, though we get a weird remix for some reason. The Stranglers, as it's not exactly party music and bloody Shakatak - if I ever heard this at a shindig I'd walk straight out of the door!

  8. Is anyone having trouble now to watch this ? Tried a few times but no luck so tried the 6th January 1983 one and loaded up straight away

  9. Well with the Christmas rush and all that I got behind and have frantically caught up with the end of the 1982 editions. Heres my take on the last few shows of 1982:

    11th Nov. Comments – Highlights - show containing 3 of my favourite singers of all time, Dionne Warwick, Marvin Gaye and the much underated Donna Summer. Also the brilliant Wishing from Flock of Seagulls although I agree with many observers that I Ran was their best effort although didn’t do anywhere near as well in the charts. Score 7.5

    18th Nov. Highlights all bar Renee and Renato and the cutting off of Maneater in its prime. Score 9.

    25th Nov. Highlights – Yazoo (don’t really remember this at the time but love it now), Ultravox (despite the weird video), Culture Club (their best ever single for me, I even swore in front of the kids when this came on) and Talk Talk (#underrated)
    Lowlights – Lionel Richie (boring) and Supertramp (can’t abide the blokes voice!)
    Score 8

    2nd Dec. Highlights – Whitesnake (although I do prefer the remake from 87’)
    Lowlights – Dexys (not keen at all) and Bucks Fizz (my Dad would disagree he loved Jay Aston)
    How poignant that unusually the whole Wham song would be played just days before Georges untimely death. He will be missed RIP. Score 7

    9th Dec. Highlights – Yazoo again and Culture Club again great!
    Lowlights – Shalamar (weak track from an otherwise terrific album) Soft Cell (this really is dreary) and Bing not paying any attention or acknowledgement to Bowie throughout this video (shame really as this is a good Christmas song). Score 7.5

    Dec 16th. Highlights – Ultravox (brilliant studio performance although the lighting and set looked a bit more 80/81 ish than 82 if you know what I mean), Madness (love the way the camera angle turns to the audience at the end so you can see they actually in the studio)
    Lowlights – Santa Claus and the Christmas Trees (yeh, whatever!), Cliff Richard warming up for Millenium Prayer (wish he hadn’t bothered with either to be honest!) and Jimmy for obvious reasons.Score 6.5

    Dec 23rd. Highlights – The Maisonettes (I only vaguely remember this at the time but have to say I absolutely love this now)
    Lowlights – Abba (past their best), Incantation (just fast forward) and Keith Harris (see Incantation)Score 6.5

    Christmas Day show. Not much to say on this other than odd to open the show with a song that only made No.7. Also, Andy Peebles looking only slightly less nervous than he did back in the autumn of 79 (I think he hosts a few shows in 1983) and Steve Wright still being dangled by the puppet master!!.

    Dec 30th. Nothing really to add on this other than whats already been said. Always thought Janice Long tried to disguise her scouse accent and there is evidence of it hear. If this was an audition for the new young presenters, they obviously faired OK as messrs Davies and Long would go on to present numerous shows in the mid to late 80s.

    And so we move on 1983, an excellent year for music (although I did lose 2 of my grandparents this year). I expect a number of 9 and 10 shows over the next few months. Excited?

  10. Sorry guys the unknown is me gb2202.